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!!register pubkey-url
Associates the ascii-armored, exported GPG public key at `pubkey-url` with your nick for authentication. Paste your public key here.
!!up channel nick
Voices `nick` in `channel`.
!!down channel nick
Removes voice from `nick` in `channel`.
!!v otp
Performs the previously requested command associated with the decrypted `otp`.
!!rate nick rating [note]
Rates the given `nick` with an optional `note`.
!!unrate nick
Removes your previous rating of `nick`.


!!deed url
Takes the GPG-signed document at `url`, verifies it, and bundles it once per hour with other deeds as described here. Note that this command must be issued from within #trilema .


!!deposit amount
Initiates a deposit of the specified `amount` to your wallet account. After responding to the challenge, you will be given a slightly greater amount to send to the bot's address, which includes the bot's deducted deposit fee. Send exactly the amount specified or you will lose your coin.
Returns your wallet balance.
Returns your entire account history.
!!pay to-nick amount
Sends `amount` to `to-nick` from your available balance.
!!invoice to-nick amount [memo]
Sends `to-nick` an invoice for `amount` with optional `memo` field. Consider placing a URL in the `memo` field.
Displays the invoices you sent to others.
!!cancel-invoice recipient-nick invoice-number
Cancels the invoice identified by `invoice-number` which you sent `recipient-nick`.
Displays the invoices you received from others.
!!pay-invoice sender-nick invoice-number
Pays the invoice identified by `invoice-number` which you received from `sender-nick`.
!!reject-invoice sender-nick invoice-number
Marks as rejected the invoice identified by `invoice-number` which you received from `sender-nick`.
!!withdraw amount to-btc-address
Requests that `amount` be withdrawn from your available balance and sent to `to-btc-address`. This step shall be performed by a human operator after reviewing account history. Expect at least one day of processing. Bitcoin transaction fees shall be deducted from your account.


!!gettrust [from-nick] to-nick
Calculates the L1 and L2 trust between the given nicks. If only a single nick is given, your nick is used as `from-nick`.
!!key nick
Pastes and links the GPG public key associated with `nick`.
!!rated [from-nick] to-nick
Retrieves the rating of `to-nick` by `from-nick`, which can be omitted as with !!gettrust.
!!ratings [nick]
Returns a pasted s-expression of ratings `nick` made. Uses your nick by default.
!!reputation [nick]
Returns a pasted s-expression of ratings others made about `nick`, or you by default.
Returns a pasted s-expression of the complete WoT database.