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!!register pubkey-url
Associates the ascii-armored, exported GPG public key at `pubkey-url` with your nick for authentication. Paste your public key here if it is not already available on the web.
!!up [nick]
Voices either yourself or an optional `nick`.
!!down [nick]
Removes voice from either yourself or another `nick`.
!!v otp
Performs the previously requested command associated with the decrypted `otp`.
!!rate nick rating [note]
Rates the given `nick` with an optional `note`.
!!unrate nick
Removes your previous rating of `nick`.


!!deed url
Takes the GPG-signed document at `url`, verifies it, and bundles it once per hour with other deeds as described here.


!!subscribe url
Given an RSS or Atom `url`, the bot will alert you to new entries via private message.


!!gettrust [from-nick] to-nick
Calculates the L1 and L2 trust between the given nicks. If only a single nick is given, your nick is used as `from-nick`.
!!key nick
Pastes and links the GPG public key associated with `nick`.
!!rated [from-nick] to-nick
Retrieves the rating of `to-nick` by `from-nick`, which can be omitted as with !!gettrust.
!!ratings [nick]
Returns a pasted s-expression of ratings `nick` made. Uses your nick by default.
!!reputation [nick]
Returns a pasted s-expression of ratings others made about `nick`, or you by default.
Returns a pasted s-expression of the complete WoT database.