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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?
This is a Bitcoin document timestamping service you may use through good standing in the #trilema Web of Trust.
How do I join the Web of Trust?
See here.
How do I use deedbot?
Once voiced in #trilema and rated such that you are a member of deedbot's L1-L2, you may submit ascii-armored clearsigned GPG messages to deedbot thus.
!!deed http://dpaste.com/message.txt
If the submitted message has a valid signature from a member of L1-L2, it is accepted for inclusion in the next hourly bundle. At the hour, all submitted messages are joined with a single newline; the result is hashed with sha256. The hash is used as a Bitcoin private key, and a small amount of Bitcoin is sent to the corresponding address.
How can I generate a bundle's address myself?
Here is an example program doing just that.
Who made this?
trinque. Go see him in #trilema, or at his blog.